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EMV Debit Cards

Kingsley State Bank's debit cards with magnetic strips are being replaced by debit cards containing a microchip known as an EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) chip. Chip cards will have a chip on the front and a magnetic strip on the back for the foreseeable future. During the lengthy U.S. transition period, either the chip or magnetic strip will need to be used, depending on where you're shopping.

Kingsley State Bank ATMs currently have the EMV chip reader technology installed. Shazam, KSB's debit card vendor, will soon utilize this available technology, requiring chip debit cards to be inserted longer for the chip to be read for ATM transactions. In the near future, ATM on-screen prompts will notify customers when Shazam utilizes this functionality.


Traditionally, the magnetic strip on the back of the debit card contains static personal information about the cardholder. This information is used to authenticate the card at the point of sale (POS) terminal, before the purchase is authorized. When a consumer uses an EMV card at a chip POS terminal, that transaction is protected using the technology in the microchip. Additionally, consumers will be able to continue to use the magnetic strip on the EMV card at retailers who have not yet implemented chip POS terminals. When the card is equipped with a personal identification number (PIN), which is known only to the cardholder, issuers will be able to verify the user’s identity. Currently, not all merchant POS terminals can accept PIN entry. EMV transactions at chip POS terminals provide more security of consumers’ personal data than magnetic strip POS transactions. In addition, EMV card transactions transmit data between the merchant and the issuing bank with a special code that is unique to each individual transaction. This provides the cardholder greater security and makes the EMV card less vulnerable to criminal activity while the date is transmitted from the chip enabled POS to the issuing bank.


Although EMV cards provide greater security than traditional magnetic strip cards, an EMV chip does not stop lost and stolen cards from being used in stores, or for online or telephone purchases, when the chip is not physically provided to the merchant, referred to as card-not-present transactions. Additionally, the data on the magnetic strip of an EMV card can still be stolen if the merchant has not upgraded to an EMV terminal and it becomes infected with data-capturing malware. Consumers are urged to use the EMV feature of their new card wherever merchants accept it to limit the exposure of their sensitive payment data.


Consumers should closely safeguard the security of their EMV cards and PINs. This includes being vigilant in handling, signing, and activating a card as soon as it arrives in the mail, reviewing statements for irregularities, and promptly reporting lost or stolen debit cards to Kingsley State Bank. Consumers should also shield the keypad from bystanders when entering a PIN, as PINs are vulnerable to cybercriminals who work to steal these numbers to commit ATM and cash-back crimes.

See below for an example of what your new EMV debit card will look like.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks directly using your Android or Apple mobile device.

Mobile Deposit FAQ


To download and use the Mobile Banking App with Mobile Deposit visit the Apple App Store™ or Google Play™. In order to use our Mobile Banking App, you must be enrolled in Kingsley State Bank’s Online Banking. Click here to enroll today.

  • From within the Kingsley State Bank mobile app, click on Mobile Deposit & follow the on-screen prompts to get started.
  • Endorse mobile deposits: Front-“For Mobile Deposit Only”; Back-Your signature endorsement.
  • Take clear photos of the front and back of your check and submit. It’s that easy.
  • Get confirmation on your phone for each successful submission.