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Protect the security of your mobile banking devices:

Physically Secure Device
Keep your device with you at all times; never leave it unattended.

Lock Your Device
If your device has the option to create a password or lock, use it.

Security Apps
Download a trusted security application to protect your mobile device.

Trusted Applications
Only download applications from a secure and well-known app store. Check Star Rating by Users, Reviews, and avoid apps with few users. Use the application created and offered by your bank.

Beware of Phishing
Stay on alert for bogus or unsafe websites, emails, and apps. They may be imposters and/or have malware/spyware/adware attached.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi
Hotel and coffee shop free unsecured Wi-Fi should be used cautiously.

Disable Bluetooth
Always turn off Bluetooth when not in use.

Protect Passwords
Do not share passwords or login credentials, and guard their storage.

Protect Numbers
Avoid entering mobile numbers, account numbers, or social security numbers into a website, unless trusted and completely necessary.

Log Out Completely
Log out of a site or app promptly after managing your account.

Delete Texts
Delete any texts or emails from your device containing sensitive or confidential information.

Fraud Protection
Consider protection against identity theft and fraudulent transactions.

Stay Current
Keep your applications and operating system up to date.