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Frequently Asked Mobile App Questions

Do you have to have Online Banking to enroll for the Mobile App?
Yes. You use the same login credentials for Online Banking and the Mobile App

Do you have to sign in with your username, security question, picture, and password every time you login?
No. After the first time you log in, you will only have to input your username and password because you device has been verified. Other login options include password only, personal identification number (PIN), swipe pattern, & touch ID. These login options can be found under settings on the main menu.

Does Kingsley State Bank have to manually approve your Mobile App enrollment?
No. Since you will already be signed up for Online Banking, once you download the app and verify your device you can use it immediately.

Can a customer login to the app before logging into the website on the first login?
No. If you are using your Online Banking login for the first time, you must login via the website: to set up your new password, security questions, and picture; then you can login to the app. If you are using your mobile phone or tablet, you can access the internet browser to login to Online Banking and set up your account, then you can use the app.

If you get locked out, can you unlock your account through the app?
No. If you get locked out of the app due to an incorrect user id or password, you must either visit our website or call the bank to be unlocked. After your account has been unlocked, you must first login through the website and then you can get back on the app.

Can you view a pending ACH deposits through the app?
No. You cannot view pending ACH deposits through the Mobile App, however, you can view them through Online Banking.

Is there a logout safety feature?
Yes. The app will automatically log you out after 2 minutes of inactivity, or you can log out manually.

Does the mobile app cost anything?
No. The app is free to all Kingsley State Bank customers!

How do you reset your Online Banking and Mobile App password?
To reset your password, you will have to access our website at Select the Forgot Password link under Personal - Online Banking, and follow the on screen prompts. Or you can call your local branch and speak to a Customer Service Representative.

How do I download the Mobile App to my iPhone, Android or iPad?
Search for “Kingsley State Bank” in the Apple App Store® or Google Play®.

Can I pay bills through the Mobile App?
Yes. BillPay is available through our Mobile App. All payees currently set up will be available on the Mobile App. To set up a new payee or schedule a recurring transfer, you must access BillPay through the Online Banking website.