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Welcome to Kingsley State Bank

Since 1883, Kingsley State Bank has made serving its local communities with honesty and integrity the personal mission of our bank.

Being one of the few remaining locally owned banking and lending institutions, Kingsley State Bank is committed to serving its customers and keeping the communities in which we live active and flourishing.

Our dedicated staff works hard to ensure that your financial needs are met, and we are proud to say that Kingsley State Bank has been rated one of  the safest places in the country to keep your money.



Kingsley State Bank staff will not request account holders to click on links, install software, or require changes to established procedure without securely communicated notification. We also do not authorize other businesses to advertise or solicit on our website. The FDIC, IRS, NACHA, and many other entities do not contact business customers to request software installation or provide access credentials.

If you are experiencing any POP-UPS from third-party companies claiming to represent Kingsley State Bank, do NOT access the POP-UPS! You may be able to enter ALT F4 to safely exit from the pop-up program. Please contact Kingsley State Bank immediately, at 712-378-2341, if you experience POP-UPS on the KSB website. It is possible your computer’s web browser has been infected by malware from an outside source if you do not have adequate anti-malware installed on your personal computer.

Kingsley State Bank employs a very strong anti-malware, firewall, and anti-virus system to protect your personal information. You must further protect your personal information with the installation of strong anti-malware, firewall, and anti-virus on your own computer to remain protected from hacker attempts.

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